Thank you for choosing me!

Here are some questions for us to get to know and get started..

The above short questionnaire is designed to help me (and you) define the guidelines for logo design and the entire branding process of your business.
The questionnaire is made up of 4 short steps. Each stage refers to a different part – the business, the targeted audience, the branding, and the design.

This is not something I recommend filling up in 2 minutes on a mobile. It is recommended to make coffee (or tea), take a short break from the day, and give some thought before answering any question.

At any stage, you can go back and change or add details. After the last step – the form will be closed and finally submitted.

* Questions marked with an asterisk are lines that must be filled out

Let's start with questions about your business \ brand (do not worry, the following steps are shorter)
Continue with questions about the targeted audience
We almost done! And now - branding (customers' existing feelings and perceptions about your brand)
The fun and final part - your design preferences